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Temporary repairs of locally thinned sections or circumferential linear defects may be made on-stream by installing a properly designed and applied enclosure.

E.g bolted clamp, non-metallic composite wrap, metallic and epoxy wraps, or other non-welded applied temporary repair.

During turnarounds or other appropriate opportunities, temporary leak sealing and leak dissipating devices, shall be removed and appropriate actions taken to restore the original integrity of the piping system.

The inspector and/or piping engineer shall be involved in determining repair methods and procedures.

Temporary leak sealing and leak dissipating devices may remain in place for a longer period of time only if approved and documented by the piping engineer.


Repairs to defects found in piping components may be made by preparing a welding groove that completely removes the defect and then filling the groove with weld metal deposited in accordance with 8.2.

Corroded areas may be restored with weld metal deposited in accordance with 8.2. Surface irregularities and contamination shall be removed before welding. Appropriate NDE methods shall be applied after completion of the weld.

If it is feasible to take the piping system out of service, the defective are may be removed by cutting out a cylindrical section and replacing it with a piping component that meet the applicable code.

Insert patched (flush patches) may be used to repair damage or corroded areas if the following requirements are met:

  1. full-penetration groove welds are provided;
  2. for Class 1 and Class 2 piping systems, the welds shall be 100% radiographed or ultrasonically tested using NDE procedures that are approved by the inspector;
  3. patches may be any shape but shall have rounded corners [1 in. (25mm)] minimum radius.


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